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Denys Oshurko

Donetsk region, secretary of the city council of Kramatorsk

Information city, "smart" city - now these are the realities for Kramatorsk. Today we are launching a large-scale project Smart City Kramatorsk and now we present its first link and, perhaps, the most relevant today, the City Contact Center. This is a portal that allows you to report a problem or emergency situation with minimal effort and in the shortest possible time. If you have the Internet, and now almost every resident of the city has it, you only need to register on the portal, ie create your own office, where you can, if necessary, leave your message. There is no need to spend time automatically calling the dispatcher again to find out the progress of the application. From now on, all this can be done online. Contact Center is only the first stage in the implementation of the Smart City Kramatorsk project. All utilities of the city are connected to this electronic card. The portal currently serves as a single window of housing issues. However, it will soon be significantly expanded, in particular, Kramatorsk residents will be able to report here on all other problems of social and cultural life of the city.


Volodymyr Buryak

Zaporizhzhya region, mayor of Zaporizhzhya

The main result of the work of the "15-80" service should be the prompt resolution of issues addressed by citizens. It is not always possible to do this in two or three hours, sometimes it is necessary to carry out capital works to complete the application, which takes time. However, the Cossacks should not feel left alone with the problem. Need feedback. Everyone who applied must know at what stage of his application, what work has already been done and in what time frame they will be completed.


Ruslan Trebushkin

Donetsk region, mayor of Pokrovsk

Our goal is to create and implement tools for e-democracy, openness and transparency of government, to create opportunities for residents to participate and influence the formation of the city budget.


Olexander Levchenko

Kyiv region, mayor of Obukhiv

Any new technologies, the latest approaches are always a plus. It is good to call the city "smart", but it is also necessary to implement the project. Let's start with small, but very voluminous and important steps - the introduction of the "Contact Center" module.


Volodymyr Harazd

Ivano-Frankivsk region, mayor of Dolyna

The work of the Contact Center of the City Council helps to save time on submission of appeals, and is also an effective tool for joint solution of problems in the city.


Ihor Kurdya

Zaporizhzhia region, first deputy mayor of Energodar

The obvious advantages of the Resident Contact Center system are that there are probably no families left today who do not have access to the Internet. We need to move forward, and working on the program is one such step.